NippleTree's Application

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NippleTree's Application

Postby NippleTree » Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:27 pm

What name/nickname do you prefer to go by?:

What is your Playstation Network ID? Steam ID?: NippleTree-Steam

Do you have a mic/headset to communicate with the clan?: Yes

How old are you?(optional): 19

Where is your location?(Just country is fine, state/city/province is optional): Illinois, USa

Do you have any past clans? Which one(s)?: AS, ASA, STR

What game(s) are you mainly interested in playing with SoF?: SWBF2

What weapon/class do you prefer?: Grunt

How did you find out about our clan/website?: DrkDragon linked me, told me you guys were in need of some bf2 players

What made you want to join SoF?: Want to play SWBF2 again, heard you guys were looking for some help.

Do you have any additional skills/assets that may benefit the clan?(ex: programming, graphic/web design, video editing, etc.): fairly good at making signatures and schtuff

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SoF Clan Leader
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Re: NippleTree's Application

Postby Dark » Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:27 pm

Alright cool, you're in. Welcome to SoF!

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