Game Night! Week 1

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Game Night! Week 1

Postby Mezzey » Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:56 am

Ok so the first game night I would like us to do next weekend. It will most likely be Sunday since I know that @
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is hosting a party on Saturday that some of us will be at.

Based on the votes received, we'll be doing a roulette style where everyone submits a game and then of those games will be chosen at random. I will be making a more formal post tomorrow (saturday) explaining more details about Game Night for as a whole. One of the rules that I'll mention here first is that if multiple people submit the same game, the person who messaged me first will have theirs accepted and all others will need to submit a different game, so having a backup will be helpful if that happens.

So for this week for those participating, please submit the game you would like to be in the roulette as well as any special conditions/rules you want for that game (i.e. Hearthstone where people can only use certain decks/cards).

You can submit by messaging me here, on facebook, TS, e-mail, etc. If anyone has questions please let me know.

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