Game Night Procedures

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Game Night Procedures

Postby Mezzey » Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:22 pm

Here is how Game Night procedures will work. Adjustments will be made as needed.

1. Game Night will take place each weekend on either Saturday or Sunday in the evenings. This can be changed if enough people are willing to find a new day that would be more beneficial for everyone.

2. Each week participants will need to message me the game they would like to play into the pool to be chosen from. If there are any special conditions/instructions you would like to place with your game or it has a specific game mode you would want us to play, please include that as well (i.e. Hearthstone but players can only play as Priest)

3. Submissions for Game Night will begin after the previous one has ended. You will have until Thursday to submit your game upon which the game chosen will be announced along with the list of the games that were submitted for that week. This is so people have to time to prepare if they need to download/update and such as necessary.

4. Please make sure it's a game that everyone is able to play. Not everyone has a PS4 or a Computer that may not be powerful enough to run the game.

5. If multiple people submit the same game, only the first person who submitted it will count. If someone has already chosen the game you would like to play, I will most likely ask that you give me another one. It is possible to have the same game more than once if each person has vastly different conditions for said game(i.e. Having something along the lines of say playing League of Legends and one person say to play only assassins while the other says only tanks will still count as the same and the second person will need to submit an alternative). Having a backup choice will be a good idea in case this happens.

6. When you submit a game you will need to understand that it may not get picked and must be willing to play the game that is chosen. We're gonna get games we may not like at times. Continually avoiding them could result in future submissions to be ignored/rejected.

7. Building on that, guests and others are welcome to join in on game night if they are interested or if there's room.

8. A game that is chosen for one week cannot be submitted/chosen the following week. (If Smite is chosen for the week, It cannot be in the next week pool of games to choose from)

9. Once a game is chosen, those who submitted a game may vote to veto that game. At least 2/3 (66.6%) of the voters must vote to veto for it to go through. If this happens another game from that pool will be chosen. The second game cannot be veto'd.

Update Jan. 6th: Minor spelling/grammer changes made

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