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View the latest post Game Night! Week 3 (Udpated 11/10/2016)

Hey everyone! Thanks to those who showed up for game night this weekend. I was able to stream it this weekend so if anyone else wanted to watch they can do so here.

Week 3 submissions are open so please message me what game you would like to toss in. Just a reminder that the following games cannot be submitted as they were chosen recently.

Battlefront 2

I will also update this thread later in the week when the next game is chosen. Game Night is Saturday at 9:30pm EST

Edit: Here is the list of games submitted for this week

Atlas Reactor
TT Simulator - DC Deck Building
Heroes of the Storm
Magic the Gathering -- Commander
Cards against Humanity

And the winner is Magic the Gathering

If for whatever reason we aren't able to make this work or it is veto'd, A back up has already [...]

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View the latest post Week 1 Game Night!

Ok so for our first game night this is the list of games that were submitted:

Star Wars Battlefront 2
Pokemon Showdown
Atlas Reactor
Tabletop Simulator: DC Deck Building Game

The game for week 1 is: Star Wars Battlefront 2!

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View the latest post Game Night Procedures

Here is how Game Night procedures will work. Adjustments will be made as needed.

1. Game Night will take place each weekend on either Saturday or Sunday in the evenings. This can be changed if enough people are willing to find a new day that would be more beneficial for everyone.

2. Each week participants will need to message me the game they would like to play into the pool to be chosen from. If there are any special conditions/instructions you would like to place with your game or it has a specific game mode you would want us to play, please include that as well (i.e. Hearthstone but players can only play as Priest)

3. Submissions for Game Night will begin after the previous one has ended. You will have until Thursday to submit your game upon which the game chosen will be announced along wi [...]

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View the latest post Weekly Game Nights!


So we've been kind of stagnant/fragmented when it comes to doing stuff as a group.(No shit!) People mostly are doing their own things, which is fine for the most part but I figured we would try to organize something we can do as a group. Something we can do once a week(most likely on the weekends). So here's something simple that I have planned. We can do this one of two ways:

1.We have a pool of games submitted by everyone who wants to participate, and then we vote on which of those games we want to play

2. Each week one person in the group will decide on a game for us to play.

The conditions for what games are picked should be simple. It should be one that everyone owns or can play(so F2P games are a good start if you're not sure). You also need to be willing to play the games chosen, even [...]

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