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I am renting a 24 player server for SWBFII on PC called [SoF]SlaughterHouse. Since this is a paid for pc dedicated server we cannot use GameRanger, like we have been, to access it. There is another option though, which I believe to be a better route to play online. Instead of using a separate client, all you do is download and replace a file. Then you can play online using the in-game multiplayer menu and lobby list to join games.

How to install client:
- Download the client file of your choice (german / american masterserver and german / english)
- Unzip the file
- Right click on it and choose "copy"
- Go to your BattlefrontII folder (e.G. C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\
- Go into the "GameData" folder
- Rename the original BattlefrontII.exe (e.G. Battlef [...]

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From Battlefield.com,
Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Starts February 3rd

It's time to get a piece of the action! Today we are announcing that Battlefield Hardline's open multiplayer beta will be active between February 3 and February 8*. Available to players worldwide on PC via Origin, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, the open beta will give you a small taste of what's in store when the game hits the streets beginning March 17. Developed by Visceral Games, Battlefield Hardline is a fresh new take on Battlefield, built on strategy, speed and story in single player and multiplayer, delivering a complete first person shooter experience.

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We thought it would be fun this year to set up a SoF Secret Santa. We put together a group on a website to make it easier to do online. So go ahead and use the link below if you would like to participate with us. You have one week until we draw names on December 12th.

Join the SoF group at, http://sneakysanta.com/invite.aspx?i=cc200234

Here are the rules:
* $20 limit (Do no feel obligated to meet the limit, do what you can afford)
* Do not tell the person that you are their Secret Santa
* If you need information, like an address for shipping, message them anonymously. You can do so on SneakySanta.com in our group. Try not to be obvious who you are when messaging.

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Tonight Khaos set us up a minecraft server. So please do take advantage of this situation, and play on our SoF minecraft server.
The server is 10 slots currently and is a vanilla server. As far as I know this is going to be a permanent server that khaos is hosting on one of his VPS.

Want to join? the address is mine.sofgaming.com

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