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Hey guys, just wanted to give an update on a few changes for game night. Instead of having people submit a game every week. I've created one single list of games that will be used to choose what game will be played for game night. Each week a set amount of games will be selected to choose a for game night.

So for instance, there currently over 40 games on the list. Each week I'll randomly select games from the list (roughly 6-8 of them) and then one of those games will be chosen for game night. However, people are still welcome to submit a game if there is a game not on the list that you would like to have added and I will have that game take up one of those 6-8 slots for that week and will be added to list if it's not chosen that week. Games that have been chosen will still be removed for future game nights until the list is used up and then it will start over.

If you have any questions/concerns/comments please let me know. Thanks! :D

List of games for Game Night

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