How to join Soldiers of Fate:

Register on our forums if you haven't done so already, then fill out the application.

SoF Application
Please copy and paste the application below in a new topic in the "SoF Applications" forum. Please include your online name in the subject line.

What name/nickname do you prefer to go by?:

What is your Playstation Network ID? Steam ID?:

Do you have a mic/headset to communicate with the clan?:

How old are you?(optional):

Where is your location?(Just country is fine, state/city/province is optional):

Do you have any past clans? Which one(s)?:

What game(s) are you mainly interested in playing with SoF?:

What weapon/class do you prefer?:

How did you find out about our clan/website?:

What made you want to join SoF?:

Do you have any additional skills/assets that may benefit the clan?(ex: programming, graphic/web design, video editing, etc.):

What SoF is looking for in new recruits...

We all like to have a good time in SoF but there is still a level of maturity that we would like to set. Just use common sense.

SoF was created in 2005 and still has many original members. There are a very few clans that have lasted as long or longer than ours because of our commitment and dedication to the clan.

We are a team after all so if you want to be apart of our clan, work with us and lets destroy the competition.

SoF communicates on a daily basis on our forums and Teamspeak. We are all very friendly and welcoming of newcomers. Our Teamspeak server is always available to join. Address: Password: SOF

Clan Guidelines
(these are not to create a strict clan, just some basic guidelines every clan should abide by)

1. Please treat all members with respect. We are a team and teamwork is important in a clan. We must all get along with each other to be successful. If you have a problem with another member, please talk to a leader about it.

2. Use a mic/headset. Communication is important for competition, to get to know fellow clan members, and having fun!

3. No double clanning. If you want tp join a clan on another game that we are not involved in, please ask a leader first. We may expand to that game or have said member lead a SoF division for that game.

4. You must be at least an officer to set up official clan battles. Soldiers can also set up scrimmages but with an officer's or clan leader's consent.

5. Only Officer rank and above may recruit. Exceptions may occur when Soldiers may also recruit, but only with Officers or Clan Leaders approval. 6. All new recruits must sign up on the SoF forums and post an application. New SoF members will be labeled as "Recruit" when first joining for at least 2 weeks until becoming a Soldier. Exceptions may occur based on member's activity.

7. Please be courteous and help maintain SoF's positive reputation in the gaming world. Do not intentionally create unwanted drama on other websites/forums or team-kill, glitch, and cause trouble in other servers besides our own.

8. Have fun! We are here to share positive experiences with each other and create awesome memories!

- Please respect all of these guidelines while in SoF. If you are confused on anything, please feel free to ask on the forums or private message a leader.